Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Book Review: Scammed- Confessions of a Confused Accountant by Anonymous

Scammed- Confessions of a Confused Accountant written by an author who wishes to remain anonymous is an insightful story that gives readers a glimpse into the dark underbelly of the Indian corporate world, which often linked with corrupt politicians and power hungry individual’s results in an ugly and lethal combination indeed. 

The book traces the story of Hitesh Shah, a young accountant who is stuck in a dead end job with a pushy boss who makes him feel incompetent and dissuaded. Hitesh’s moment of glory arrives when an impressed client offers him the role of the CEO of a company. Taken in by this lucrative proposal and the possible change of his fortune, Hitesh gladly accepts this new role. Though then, little does he realize the murky waters he’s about to enter given the scandalous history and political connections of the people involved in running this business.

Hitesh Shah is now the CEO of Super Cabs- a private company whose finances and fortunes he turns around. Super Cabs soon gains steady popularity and Hitesh is being interviews by TV channels and is in the news for the success and popularity of Super Cabs and becoming a youth icon and an inspiring young entrepreneur-Hitesh also begins dating a struggling yet attractive model Sushma, on whom he showers a lot of attention and expensive gifts. The owners of Super Cabs expect accelerated success and Hitesh gives into some questioning decisions made by the top management. Hitesh’s life appears perfect, when suddenly the labour union of Super Cabs stirs up trouble, giving rise to rumours of fraud- eventually opening a can of worms. Caught in the middle of this ugly controversy which soon turns political, Hitesh finds himself on the run.

This is when Hitesh’s middle class virtues of simplicity, ambition and appreciation of friendship and noble gestures comes to his rescue and help keep him sane through this rough phase. The ending of the book is interesting and keeps up the suspense considering that Hitesh is not completely innocent, since he overlooked many warning flags and questionable decisions made by the owners of Super Cabs. Eventually, it’s interesting to see how Hitesh gets out of this sticky situation.

What appealed to me about the book was its fast paced, gripping narrative. Though the author has spent time fleshing out the characters he wastes no time and keeps the plot moving at a gripping pace- which is what a book of this nature requires. Its uncomplicated prose and familiar corporate urban setting contributes to an engaging and light read, making for an excellent travel companion on a train or plane. 

(This is a book review requested by the publisher)

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