Sunday, September 16, 2012

So, I Got Myself a Kindle!

I got my self a Kindle, finally! It’s a brilliant device and being old school and a lover of all things paper I was in two minds for the longest time until it dawned upon me that I have over 500 paper books and space for no more and considering the Kindle lets me save up to 1400 books (I know!) I knew it was time I got myself one. The Kindle was a bit of a late birthday present from all the cash I’d got and was saving up in my little kitty and as it turns out it’s one of the best things I have bought myself in the longest time. It’s also really sleek and compact and I can slip it into a tiny little hand bag and take it with me almost everywhere I go, which is just perfect and has given me company so many times.

Also considering how many books I lug around when I travel (I carry at least three books with me whenever I travel- I’m too paranoid that I’d have nothing to read if I finish what I have, considering I’m a fast reader), the Kindle also saves me that trouble. I’ve also noticed that since I’ve got myself the Kindle I’m reading much more than I was earlier, from a book a week I’ve gone up to three books a week, I’ll agree they’re not very long books- but still, I’m reading a LOT more, which is great. I also got myself a pretty purple Kindle case, which makes carrying it around much more convenient and keeps my Kindle safe. I’m sorry if this comes across as a very “I’m so obsessed with my Kindle” post, ummm because it kinda is!

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