Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Brewing Revolution

On Friday night while the husband and I were driving back home, I told him how badly this country needs a revolution, a collective uproar by all of us to remind the government that we've pretty much lost faith in them and the lest a woman deserves is to walk down the road confidently without the fear of assault. That was also the night we saw heavy police presence sprinkled all over the city, stopping cars and ripping black films off from car windows- a small part of me felt happy! The Saturday morning protests at Raisina Hill made my heart swell with pride and I hope Delhi never loses this strong spirit of solidarity, which no amount of lathi charge, tear gas or water canons can threaten!

I wonder if the government has ever bothered to get online and see just how unpopular it is.

Photo Credit: The Sunday Times, December 23rd 2012. 

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