Sunday, January 6, 2013

Till Next Year Then

Taking down the Christmas Tree always leaves me a little sad every season, especially knowing that I won't see it sparkle cheerfully each time I'd walk in through the door. But then each tree ornament has a little story behind it, where it was bought, who I was with then, or was I alone, cups of coffee and a slice of pizza shared after a good bargain, which is enough to make me smile!

Like the little red Santa picked up from the German Christmas Market, where I pushed through the crowds buying Christmas decorations and then later treated myself to bratwurst and a side of crusty bread and mashed potatoes and a glass of something cool to drink, and the little blue bells that I bargained hard for at Janpath, or the bright red baubles that I picked up while strolling through Priya complex one balmy, winter afternoon.

Such warm memories to light me up. Till next year then, I sigh, as I wrap my tree away.

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