Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Loafing Around the Village

Grassy Patch in the Hauz Khas Monument

I have had a fairly fulfilling weekend, considering the last two weekends before this one were spent terribly ill in bed. Saturday was spent house hunting in Gurgaon where the husband and I are planning on moving soon. We just about managed to meet two brokers who showed us two houses, the first out of which was pretty meh, the second one was rather nice, but way out of our budget .We were supposed to go see a third house as well, but then the broker informed us that the house owners were Jain and wanted only “vegetable” tenants. Since we are not “vegetable” we politely declined (we’re looking for a 2 BHK for rent in Gurgaon, if you happen to know of anything, please drop me a line).

View of the Hauz Khas Tank 

 On Sunday we were supposed to drop someone to the airport after which the husband and I impulsively drove to Hauz Khas Village. It was horribly hot and my hair was damp from all the sweating and I was convinced I would melt (yes, I am dramatic like that), but then I was grateful that I was finally out of the house on a weekend and not ill and holed up in bed.

Dzukou Menu

 I had been craving some good Naga food for a long time and we decided to have a late lunch at Dzukou. Dzukou is a tiny little Naga place right located a steep climb up on the fourth floor, but the view, oh the view was lovely! We sat on their terrace strewn with low lying wicker chairs and tables and covered with a bamboo awning, looking over the Hauz Khas tank (which isn’t much of a sight by itself, but at least you can see an uninterrupted sky dotted with clouds). A few beers and a belly full of beef salad, raja mircha chutney, smoked pork curry and rice later we ambled through the village and found ourselves at the Yodakin bookstore, which I have only recently discovered and love.

I love the fact that Yodakin is tucked away (we had to knock on the door to be let in) and stocks a few books, but books worth browsing for hours. Yodakin doesn’t stock the usual popular fiction and business and management books, but stocks independently published titles, along with its own Yoda Press books.

Would You Like Some Bread With That Book?

 I picked up a copy of the Motherland magazine and a book I’d been on the lookout for, called Would You Like Some Bread With That Book? Published by Yoda Press, this slim book is a collection of fourteen heart-warming and hilarious essays by Veena Venugopal on her love for books and reading. The copy I picked up was dog eared and well thumbed through and I was about to put it back on the shelf and pick up another copy when I changed my mind. Though not a second hand book, I liked the fact that someone else had read this book before me. I imagined this certain someone sitting and browsing through this book in the book store  maybe even losing themselves in it and reading it in one complete sitting, laughing and nodding their head in agreement as they read through. Books tell you so many stories, more than just the ones printed between their covers.

I had a chance to have a chat with the guy managing the store who told me that Yodakin will be moving to another part of the village shortly, thanks to the steep rents in the area and they need funds to move. So next time you’re in the area drop by to Yodakin and buy a couple of books, you’ll love the lovely and snug grandma’s attic like ambience. I promise.

Image Credit: The husband and his iPhone 4S

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