Saturday, May 4, 2013

On Being Ill and Ruminating

It has been a week and I have been ill and it has been awful. It started last weekend with a viral infection from hell; high fever, a streaming cold and a hacking cough and a weakness so intense, it kept gnawing at my bones. All I was capable of doing then was just lying in bed on my back and staring at the ceiling and thinking…just thinking.

I barely got over the viral and still had a cold when the stomach flu got me. Which is odd, considering I haven’t eaten out in the longest time. So yesterday afternoon was spent nursing an upset stomach, waves of nausea and bouts of vomiting- which. just. wouldn't. stop. For this past week my bed side table has been littered with strips of pills, Tiger Balm, vaporub, and inhalers and has left me feeling rather meh!

I’m better now, but all this illness has left me feeling completely drained and has made me realize a few things, I otherwise wouldn't give much though to; of how we take our good health for granted and here are the few little things I've been missing in this past week of illness :

·       Not leaving the house unless it’s to go to work.
·       No post work/late night coffee with friends.
·       Not feeling hungry- that intense “you body needs food” kind of hunger.
·       Not enjoying a meal, like I usually do.
·       Not feeling like doing ANYTHING (not even reading!), unless it involves lying in bed and staring at the ceiling.
·       Having wild fantasies of being able to breathe through my nose. All this breathing through my mouth has turned my mouth into a stiff piece of cardboard.
·       Wanting to do nothing but sleep, just sleep. With the lights off, the AC on, a light quilt on me and my phone on silent.

This is me right now and it’s awful and I want to get better, I really do.

This will be all from me for now; I really must get myself another glass of nimbu pani. Sigh!

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