Sunday, January 12, 2014

Instagram-ing Gurgaon

I've made a promise to myself to start blogging like I used to, by which I mean I’m going to be trying to blog every weekend.

It’s been a few months since I've discovered Instagram and I absolutely love it. I also love how the word Instagram has become a verb, at least in my vocabulary (Eg: Can you please Instagram that picture for me?). I’m sure you could've done without the example, but still!

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I shall save myself all the typing and put up few pictures taken in Gurgaon (where I now live, in case you haven’t read my last post). 

This picture was taken from the washroom window of a mall. The focus of the picture is supposed to be these birds (which you can't see very clearly here) who were sitting so still that you'd think they were dead. But what I especially liked about this picture is the visible contrast in the skyline. 

The shiny, light-emitting building next door. This is what this building looks like every morning when the sun rises, which I found rather fascinating. 

It's nice to see what's holding up the traffic. 

This one pretty much speaks for itself. 

On New Year morning I made pancakes which we ate topped with Nutella and bananas and it was good! 

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Photo Credit: Aashish and his iPhone 4S 

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