Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Like to Move it Move it

I have been doing yoga for three weeks now and I love it. Over the years I've tried many different forms of exercise, from walking, to gymming, to aerobics, to a combination of all three and as much as these induced a sense of well-being and helped me lose weight, none of them calmed me as much as yoga has.

Yoga, like most good things, came to me later in life and I wonder why I didn't turn to this wonderful form of exercise before. Better late than never I guess. I have been doing yoga three times a week for now and I love how calm and relaxed it makes me feel. After every yoga class I’m all composed and zen like and it makes me wonder is this is how it feels like to be Buddha (long shot I know, but still!)

It may have something to do with getting older, but after years of being unhappy with my body I have finally come to accept that I have a certain body type and no matter how hard I exercise I’m won’t be able to change that. I may lose weight, but I’ll always have broad shoulders. Doing yoga has put certain things in perspective for me, like the fact that I may never be slim hipped, but I can be fit and flexible, which I believe is more important. 

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