Saturday, January 3, 2015

Becoming The Cat Lady

Last month, after much longing, I got myself a cat. I've grown up with pets and after my dog Bruno passed on four years ago, I've been pet less. I've been yearning for a pet ever since, but was hesitant, since I’m out of the house almost ten hours a day, most of the week. That’s when the idea of a cat popped into my head, I've always liked cats- they’re beautiful, affectionate (in a non dog like manner) and pretty much take care of themselves- as long as you supply them with food, water, a clean litter box and of course, love.

Sometime in November I came across a post on the Friendicoes Facebook page about a beautiful three year old cat up for adoption. Her name was Makhan, she was light beige with large yellow eyes and tabby stripes on her tail. The minute I saw here, I knew I wanted her!

After a series of phone calls with her then owner, a string of questions and a house visit, we decided we wanted to take her home. The fact that she was super friendly (she’s very social for a cat), spayed and litter box trained, made our decision easier. I’m a cat novice, I've grown up with pets, but never had a cat. I had many questions, many of which she helped answer and the rest I hoped I’d figure once I got her home.

It’s been a month since Makhan, now rechristened Fiona  has been with us and it has been quite an experience-mostly good, but there have been some rough days too. I initially wanted to name her Alice, but then she didn't look like an Alice. The husband suggested Fiona and it seemed to fit her perfectly, so Fiona she is.

Fiona makes me want to come home every evening, not because I have to, but because I want to. At the risk of sounding like a fawning parent, I can watch Fiona for hours- her large, mostly unblinking yellow eyes, her desire to climb on every surface she can, her curiosity (especially around cupboards and bags, which she must get inside), the way she sits on the window sill for hours looking outside, or her crouching on all fours when she spots pigeons in the balcony and her ability to hide like an expert.

I’m leaning to be patient and understand what Fiona’s trying to tell me, because she’ll never be old enough to tell me how she’s feeling, or what she wants. I have become an obsessive Google-er of cats and cat behaviour and have begun to stalk people who have cats!

To my disappointment, Fiona isn't a lap cat (at least not yet), but she’s an absolute quilt cat. She loves burrowing under my duvet and can stay there for hours, snuggling besides me. I love how she fits herself perfectly against my body while I sleep, looking for a curve she can slide herself into, where she’ll stay purring all the while.

I love talking to Fiona while I potter around the house, or work on my laptop and there are days when I can swear she rests her large yellow eyes on me and says “okayyy”. Oh well, looks like I’m turning into the Cat Lady!


  1. Been contemplating getting a cat too after my Scotch passed away. I still like being the crazy dog lady rather than the crazy cat lady. Oh well, only fur and time will tell.

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  7. Is she always dig into one's shoes? How adorable is she lookin!

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